Sunday, January 27, 2008

When did I get so old?

I remember with fondness the nights I could dance the whole night away until that unpleasant and awkward time when the lights came back up and everyone looked so much less attractive than they did a second ago. Ah, those were good times...good times.

Last night I crapped out at 1:15am. I made it longer than last time and I think I have the after-dinner coffee to thank for that. But that's not even to last call! Part of the problem was being the DD. Sobriety means having an accurate assessment of the passing of time--not as drinks consumed but as actual minutes and hours. Blessed are the intoxicated for they shall remain oblivious.

To be honest, the level of intoxication for most of my companions wasn't all that high. Well, with the exception of Kiki of course (poor Randy--he wasn't getting any action last night). To be fair to them, it's not the alcohol consumption that divides us on stamina--it's age. I'm old, they're not. It's that simple. Part of the problem is I have to stop hanging out with 20-somethings, but even my 30-something friends are physically younger than I. I have an old woman's body and an old woman's need to be in a warm, comfortable bed before the new day officially arrives. Sad but true, folks. You heard it here first.

So what are we doing next weekend?


Mindy said...

Stacy.. I love it! You can hang out with me whenever you want.. although not yet 30-something (but close enough), I can verify that I was in bed by midnight last night!

Can't wait to keep reading!

Katie said...

20-somethings are the worst!

kendall said...

Damn you 20-somethings! [shakes fist angrily]

Anonymous said...

Its not really egotistical, everyone does it! I hope I can keep on top of your rantings... and I hope they come frequently! You are saying things that we're all thinking!

Just think: If you get out and dance more, you'll be able to dance longer!