Saturday, March 29, 2008

"It's not too small--it's supposed to fit that way..."

This weekend is my "spring cleaning" weekend and the first job I've tackled is to put away my winter clothes and get out my spring/summer clothes. It's probably a bit optimistic, but frankly I could use some cheering up--this winter-that-refuses-to-end has me ready to shoot myself.

Unfortunately, the exercise has backfired because I am discovering that most of my warm weather clothes have mysteriously gone down a size whilst in storage, leaving me even more depressed. I have now moved into that unpleasant place where I own more clothing that doesn't fit than does fit. I'm tempted to label the garbage bags as, "Summer clothes that are a little small", "Summer clothes that are way too small" and "Winter clothes that I can't bear to get rid of but that I'll likely never fit into again." At least then I'd have a pretty good idea of what's in them!

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Mindy said...

I hate when clothes shrink over the winter! And they get uglier too!! Time for some shopping for you!