Saturday, August 9, 2008

I Would Buy Them in a Boat

While meandering through Sausalito, my Honey and I came across the Fingerhut Gallery. In it we discovered many talented artists including this one that my Honey really liked and this one which was my favourite (you might recognize her). However, the one we both agreed was the best was Dr. Seuss.

I loved his books as a child and of course that also meant I loved the illustrations with the cute little people and animals that were drawn in a style completely unique to him. You could always tell a Dr. Seuss book a mile away just by the cover art. Well now you can own full-sized canvases like this one for just $1695! My Honey's favourite was this one, but I'm rather partial to this one and this one.

I guess I'll have to start saving my shekels (as my Mother would say) if I'm ever gonna be the proud owner of one of these pieces of childhood nostalgia. Frankly, I think the prices are more than reasonable so who knows when one might show up on my wall...

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