Tuesday, October 28, 2008

I Guess I Could Go As Darth Vader for Halloween...

So apparently I have moderate sleep apnea. I like the use of the word "moderate"--not "severe", not "acute", just "moderate"--which almost makes it seem okay that my sleep is interrupted anywhere from 18 to 47 times an hour! How does that happen without me being even a little aware of it? It's amazing really, and very scary at the same time. Here I am, gasping for breath "moderately" frequently during the night and I have no clue.

Last night I did a second sleep over at the clinic but this time they hooked me up to a CPAP machine. It was definitely a little strange having one of these strapped to my face, but I actually fell asleep pretty quickly and slept very well through the night, all things considered.

If the results from the test indicate that my sleep was improved by the machine, I get to take one home for a test drive for 30 days before buying one. And at prices starting at about $1000 one wants to be sure one is happy with the machine! OHIP covers just about $800 and I'm hoping my group benefits from work will cover the rest (haven't actually looked into this yet...guess I'd better get on that.)

Went to the gym again Sunday and last night, but I'm giving myself a break tonight--I'm feeling pretty tired after my unusual sleep situation last night. But I'll be hittin' 'er again tomorrow! I think maybe I'm gonna try for 40 minutes of cardio instead of my usual 30...ooooh big excitement! What's even more exciting is I'm actually developing arm muscles! I have biceps! Well, more biceps than I had at any rate. And some triceps, too! It's only been a week and a half and I already can see some small glimmerings of results which is exactly the kind of positive reinforcement I need to keep myself motivated. That and Kiki's foot firmly planted in my ass.

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