Monday, October 5, 2009

Gloria's Story

Please click on this link and read this article about my Mom, written by her family doctor. The article also includes a letter my Mom wrote to the local paper about Hospice Huntsville and their plan to build a palliative home in Huntsville.
I'm so thankful to Dr. Trenholm and David Harris at Huntsville Online for helping to tell my Mom's story. Her story is an important one, not because it is unique but because it is so heartbreakingly common.

I am so proud of my Mother and her indomitable spirit. I cherish these last few weeks we have together and I am incredibly grateful for this opportunity to walk by her side on her final journey. It has been a wonderful gift for all of us.


psychsarah said...

What a beautiful article (I'm commenting through teary eyes). Your Mom really is a firecracker! What a spirit-now I know where you get it from. :)

As always, thinking of you and your family, sending warm, positive thoughts and big hugs.

Mindy said...

What a great lady. I love her t-shirt.. I guess we always need to keep our sense of humour.