Friday, January 8, 2010


I just saw this Nutrisystem commercial on TV, and I have to say the "before" of Amy is way, WAY better than her "after." Not only that, Marie Osmond looks like a corpse! What the fuck is it with some women needing to look like famine victims?

Seriously. I just don't get it. This is not beautiful, it is not healthy and it is damaging to a young woman's body-image perception.

Advertising FAIL!


Katie said...

There is research that shows that in DEVELOPED NATIONS more people get sick/die each year from being underweight than people who get sick/die from being overweight. (I would totally send a link, but I had it sent to me and can't find it now!).

But we live in a fatphobic society centered around the assumption that fat (always)= unhealthy, lazy, under-achieving, unintelligent, you name it.

psychsarah said...

Absolutely horrid. Nothing like spending lots of money on tiny portions of nasty processed food simply for the privilege of being thin for as long as you continue to eat that slop.

I highly recommend checking out for some excellent commentary on fat phobia (like Katie described) and related issues.

Mindy said...

I saw this add last night and thought.. I think that original Amy looks just fine.. and probably isn't new Amy without some surgery.. did you see those abs?!

What I didn't realize is that the other woman was Marie Osmond! What the hell, indeed!! Wasn't she just shaking her well-endowed rump on that Dancing show? And she looked fabulous! Oye.

I'm quite sure neither of them lost weight using nutri-system.. but rather a very expensive trainer or surgeon. Call me a skeptic..

kendall said...

There's no way these two can maintain a body-fat percentage that low--especially a curvaceous woman like Marie Osmond. This is what anorexia looks like, not healthy dieting. No amount of makeup can cover-up how cadaverous and unwell she looks in that ad.

I'm glad I'm not the only one appalled by this. Here's to healthy, well-padded women's bodies!

Shara said...

*shudder* There are so many things wrong with that commercial. 'Great for moms?' yes, I definitely want to be setting the example for my kids that adult women only eat pre-packaged, chemical filled, specialized food which in no way resembles that which they are feeding to their children. blech.