Saturday, October 29, 2011

O Blogger, Where Art Thou?

Hello? Is anybody there?  If a blogger posts after an 8 month absence, does anybody hear?

I wouldn't blame you for abandoning me--I have been MIA for a very long time, but to paraphrase Mark Twain, the rumours of my demise have been greatly exaggerated.

I had to leave the blogosphere altogether.  I not only stopped blogging, but I stopped reading other blogs--I needed to attend to my real-life relationships and let the on-line ones slide for a while.  In returning, I have paired down my blogroll significantly in an effort to achieve a better balance between my online activity and my real-life activity.  If I once followed you and now do not, please don't be offended--I might yet return one day and you're all bookmarked in my "Favourites" so I'm sure I'll still drop in from time to time.

My ongoing efforts to remain well-rounded have led me in some unexpected directions.  I recently taught myself how to knit and I have completed 4 scarves and am exploring moving on to an easy sweater pattern, although I'm probably going to wait until the new year to tackle that challenge.  I promised scarves to all my family members for Christmas so I'll be occupied with those right up to the 24th I imagine.

Even more unexpectedly, in the late summer I was asked by a former co-worker to be in a play she had written.  As an actor.  ON STAGE.  Of course I said yes, probably because I was under the affluence of incohol at the time and figured I'd never hear from her again.  Astonishingly I did hear from her several weeks later and now I'm knee-deep in rehearsals until the big day on December 4th.

So, If you're in the K-W area on December 4th and want to see a bizarre play called The Waiting Room that's kinda like Waiting for Godot but with more anger, then swing by the Chrysalids Theatre.  I'll be the one knitting.


Sue said...

Glad you're back! Love your fodder!!

Shara said...

Welcome back!

Anonymous said...

oooh... I made the blog roll... twice!

Amlan Ghosh said...

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