Monday, April 14, 2008

"Pardon me--do you have any Grey Poupon?"

I made the mistake of introducing my cat to the wonders of expensive, high-quality canned food and now he's become a kibble snob, all thanks to my friend Kiki who is a much more responsible cat owner than I. She feeds her cat fancy, healthy, no-animal-by-product, grain-free canned food that puts the store brand dry crap I was feeding my cat to shame. So I thought that maybe I should also be a responsible cat owner and follow her shining example.

Two things I forgot: a) she makes more money than I do, and b) her cat is less than half the size of mine. According to the label on this fabulously wonderful and healthy food (ie expensive) I should be feeding my cat half the can twice a day. The can is huge! And $2.69! I love my cat, but it's not a "$2.69 daily" kinda love. So far, I've managed to stretch one can over two days. If he gets hungry between his 67 cent meals he can eat some of his sawdust-and-generic-animal-by-product dry food.

Next thing you know I'm gonna be filling his water dish with Evian!


Katie said...

i feed zoe-boe high quality dry food. she loves it, has lost weight, is healthy, and i'm not broke (and i make even less than you!)
she eats wellness brand indoor cat food from pet valu (same brand, just the dry stuff). the smaller 14.95 bag lasts me about 3 weeks, so it's a bit cheaper than the wet stuff (and there's a bag that's twice the size for 24.95)

Mindy said...

Simon and Mazie get a quarter can of wet food per day.. and unlimited access to dry food... which the vet says Mazie shouldn't be doing b/c she's fat. We feed them high quality stuff too. But it's all in portion control!