Thursday, April 24, 2008

What Does a Fat Girl Have to do to Buy Some Clothes Around Here?

Well, I'm back and feeling refreshed after my little holiday. It's good to be home and sleeping in my own bed, but there's a part of me that wishes that bed resided in California. I really loved it there! Everything was just so green and least the leaves are finally starting to come out here, so that's something.

Days 3 and 4 of my trip were eventful, if not exactly to plan. The late nights and hectic days finally caught up to me on Monday and I spent the morning relaxing and emailing Kiki at work (our usual pastime.) I met up with my Honey and his friend who works at Google for lunch and the requisite tour. Google is a pretty sprawling complex that has gradually taken over neighbouring buildings as their previous owners succumbed to "market pressure."

Apparently, there are several cafeterias but the one we ate at served a dizzying variety of absolutely fabulous gourmet tapas. The presentation was worthy of a magazine and the quality and flavour was among the best I ate on my trip. Rather unexpected for a cafeteria at a place of work. Among my favourites: pan-seared scallops, yellow tail sashimi and a fantastic steak grilled rare and sliced to less than half an inch thick. I managed to find room for a chocolate mousse to die for and some sweet fresh pineapple.

After lunch I set off for Cupertino where the aforementioned Google told me I would find the Vallco Fashion Park with a Lane Bryant in it. Well, I located the mall however Ms. Bryant proved more elusive. Either she had vacated the premises or Google was mistaken in her whereabouts. Regardless, my shopping that day consisted of two pairs of shoes at Payless and no clothing from Lane Bryant.

Daunted but not defeated, I went home and gave ol' Google another whirl. This time it came up with a location that was conveniently located on the train route I was planning on taking to San Francisco the very next day. So I decided I would stop by the Hillsdale Mall in San Mateo in the morning on my way to do my tourist routine and everything would be just fine.

We went out for real Mexican food that night--none of that Taco Bell crap--and I had 2 delicious enchilladas verdes (chicken enchilladas with green salsa and guacamole on top) and the absolute best tasting refried beans I have ever eaten. They also had complimentary homemade tortillas with three different types of salsa that I tried unsuccessfully not to fill up on.

I got up bright and early the next day to catch the 9:30 train to San Francisco. The trains are very comfortable and after a very short while I was grateful I took my Honey's advice and left the car at home. I got off at the Hillsdale stop and it didn't take me long to locate the mall which is lovely--it's large and has many wonderful stores. Sadly, Lane Bryant is not among them. Google is a lying sack of shit.

I was determined that I wasn't going to let this second setback ruin my day of sightseeing in San Francisco, and it didn't. I got back on the train and took it all the way to the last stop at 4th and Townsend. I walked up 4th to Mission where I had me some lunch and then I got on a cable car and went the rest of the way to Fisherman's Wharf. I tried to take some pictures but it's unclear if they'll work out, what with the shaking of the cable car and all.

It was an interesting journey, passing through Chinatown, Nob Hill and Russian Hill before stopping at Hyde and Beach. I walked the length of The Cannery until I reached Pier 39 which is famous for its sea lions. From there I went to the aquarium which features an underwater tunnel where you can see all sorts of fish that call the Bay home--sharks, rays, starfish and eels to name a few.

By this time I was pretty much exhausted, so I limped back to Taylor where I caught another cable car back to the station at Powell and Market and then hobbled back down 4th to the Caltrain Station to catch my train home. I got in around 6ish and then we went out for sushi, which I felt was oddly appropriate. And it was great sushi, too! Actually, I didn't have a bad meal the entire trip. Everything was delicious and the variety of restaurants is staggering. I walked 2 blocks down Castro before I even saw a storefront that didn't belong to a restaurant.

I got up at the ridiculous hour of 5:30am on Wednesday to drive to the airport. I guess my timing was perfect because I got to the gate as boarding started. My connection in Washington went off without a hitch and I landed in Buffalo right on time. Last but not least, I finally found a Lane Bryant in the Walden Galleria in Buffalo where I ended my search for a dress for Rick and Shara's wedding. Unfortunately, they didn't have my size so I had better lose 10lbs before June 7th so I can fit into the one I bought...


Guy Hosenpeter said...

Has anyone ever told you you should be a food critic? I think you missed your calling!

Katie said...

sounds like a great trip! can't wait to hear about it in person :)

psychsarah said...

You're one persistent chick-three tries for Lane Bryant! But its so worth it eh? I hope I get to see the dress at the wedding.