Wednesday, June 4, 2008

"She's in the Recovery Room and she's asking to see you"

I brought my car into Mister Transmission yesterday for an oil change and transmission fluid change/flush/filter replacement. I had no idea how expensive that was gonna be! I get a message on my work voice mail from the mechanic: "I just wanted to let you know everything went okay, no complications or unexpected problems." He made it sound like I was some kind of anxious relative and he had just performed surgery on my loved one!

He was a nice guy, though--he even removed my dangling, damaged heat shield which has been rattling in a very annoying way for months now. And he didn't charge me! Nice guy. Sadly, I only have to worry about my transmission fluid about every 50 000 km, so I probably won't be seeing him again. Too bad--he seemed to genuinely care about my car, what with his good bed-side manner and all...

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