Monday, December 15, 2008

Christmas Barfed All Over My Livingroom

I got into the Christmas spirit (finally) yesterday and put up my tree and put out all my little Christmas knick-knacks and candle holders. No horizontal surface escaped unscathed: I have my collection of angels on my diningroom table along side a centrepiece of pinebows and candles; two snowman votive holders adorn my side table; 6 little wooden soldiers are protecting my bookshelf; and two nutcrackers and two angels (one playing a flute and the other a guitar) flank the top of the TV. It's pretty frickin' festive, I tell you!

I'm quite pleased with the tree; it's pretty heavily "decked" with a bunch of beautiful decorations accumulated over time from friends, family and my own shopping discoveries. I bought two special decorations in Sausalito this year--one is a silver flute and the other is an accoustic guitar--which I had managed to hide on myself quite effectively. I finally found them on the top shelf of my bedroom closet, tucked in next to the snowman figurine that my niece painted for me last year. I had to buy a larger 4 foot tree last year to accomodate all my decorations and there's no room to spare! Sadly I have no pictures to post since I'm still in the dark ages and don't own a digital camera, but I assure you it looks lovely.

I'm very excited about going home for Christmas because my Mom has insisted on a real tree this year. I'm so looking forward to the smell of pine throughout the house--we haven't had a real tree in more years than I can count without taking off a sock. There's nothing like a real tree--the needles under foot, the constant watering, the fire hazzard. Nothing says "Christmas" like a three-alarm fire! But seriously, I really am looking forward to it. Almost as much as I'm looking forward to my brother and sister-in-law's hot tub.


psychsarah said...

Aren't you festive? I've done nothing-the only decorations I have are the lovely Christmas cards people have sent me. What can I say-I'm a slacker... Happy Holidays!

Mindy said...

I certainly hope Santa has "digital camera" on his list of items to bring you for Christmas!!! ;)