Tuesday, December 30, 2008

I Think I Have a Christmas-cake Hangover (No, wait--It's PMS)

I was completely spoiled this year--my Mom got me not only a brand new coffee maker but also 3 different varieties of whole-bean coffee, two georgeous mugs, a set of 4 placemats with matching napkins and a steering wheel cover exactly like my friend Koochie's so I can think of both her and my Mom everytime I get in my car. My favourite aunt gave me a $50 gift card for Chapter's and my brother's family gave me a huge duffle-like travel bag with wheels and a pull-handle-thing for visiting my Honey in Cali.

Speaking of my Honey, he came home on Christmas Day (see? I said I was spoiled) and he brought me a purse made out of candy wrappers by Mexican prisoners. Where does he find these things? I can't make this shit up.

Tonight my KW friends and I are doing our gift exchange--we drew names when my Honey was here in November--and I can't wait to see what Randy got me! The suspense is killing me! I hope LP likes her gift and I'm really curious to see what Kiki got my Honey. She's gonna love what he got for her!

On a more serious note, my sister-in-law and nieces had a close call the week before Christmas. They're in the process of adding a ginormous addition to their house--a large 2 car garage with a new master suite above--and the furnace company had provided them with a temporary propane heater while they were replacing the exisiting furnace and some of the duct work.

My brother was away on an overnight for work so "the gals" were home alone. At some point while they were all asleep, the heater malfunctioned and started spewing soot and carbon monoxide into the house. When my sis-in-law woke up in the morning, she and the girls had this black stuff all around their noses and mouths. She called the contractor who in turn called the furnace company who then called my sis-in-law and told her to get herself and the kids to the hospital right away. All three of them had carbon monoxide poisoning and they've all been sick ever since. Ryles has a bad chest cold and a double-ear infection and Haydie has been so nauseous she's practically stopped eating and has lost a noticeable amount of weight. My sis-in-law also got a bad cold and had almost completely lost her voice by Christmas Day. All in all, it looks like their recovery will be long and slow. Very scary! It could have been a lot worse!

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Mindy said...

Good lord.. that's so scary!! Thank the goddess that they are all safe!! NOTE TO EVERYONE... BUY A CARBON MONOXIDE ALARM!! Yikes!!!

Glad you are having a good Christmas season aside from that though.