Thursday, April 23, 2009

Confessions of a Shopaholic. I Said, "Shop"

I don't ordinarily order from the Sears catalogue, despite it being a fixture of my childhood. My Mom ordered from it frequently in the past, although that seems to have waned somewhat. Since we lived north of nowhere with few affordable clothing stores, the Sears catalogue was pretty much the only way to get anything even remotely fashionable.

I did say "remotely."

I recently ordered three items from the catalogue (well, I ordered online, but whatever--it was still from the catalogue). I picked up two of these items today and let me tell you--"epic fail." One of the items was so much too small I couldn't even get it on, and the other item (which ironically was labeled a size smaller) did fit but was really unflattering. I still have hope for the third item which is on backorder--that means it's popular therefore good, right? Either way, I'm returning stuff and it kinda makes me feel like a failure. On the bright side, it means I'll have more money to spend on clothes in California. And I'll need it--my summer wardrobe is lacking, to say the least.

I particularly enjoy how much farther my dollar goes in the US. I no longer buy bras and underwear here because they're about half the price there. I got a shirt for $2 at Ross. Two freaking dollars!! I don't even get deals like that at Winners! So really, having this stuff not work out is a blessing in disguise. For the $110 I spent on two things here I could have practically a whole new wardrobe from Target. Sweet! Okay, I feel better now.


Mindy said...

I'm not entirely sure that yellow dress would look good on anyone.

And I don't think I've ever seen you wear a dress at all!

Don't shop from the catalogue.. spend your money in the U.S. silly! That's a no brainer!

kendall said...

Someone remind Mindy I wore a dress at her wedding? Please?

psychsarah said...

For the record, I've seen you wear a dress on a number of occasions, including Mindy and Chris' wedding. I concur with Mindy though-shop in the US!! It may be bad for the Canadian economy, but as you point out, it's way better for your own personal economy. Have fun in California :)