Saturday, April 4, 2009

A Little Bit of This, a Little Bit of That

Mom Update:

She convinced her doctor to ditch the morphine pump and now she's on a patch which is a huge relief and has improved her mood immeasurably. Her latest test results show a very small (like millimeters small) increase in her tumour growth (which is better than we had expected) however there is bad news--a larger more aggressive tumour on her spine near her tailbone/small of her back is threatening to cause permanent nerve damage which will lead to paralysis, incontinence and other nasty and unbearable things.

So the doctors have suggested (and my Mom has agreed to) radiation therapy on the tumour to shrink it and avert these problems (hopefully.) She starts a week from Monday and will get treatments every week day for two weeks. I guess at that point they'll see how effective it was and will decide what to do from there. The best part? Mom's now got a tattoo! Four of them in fact--they had to tattoo little dots on her tummy to guide the radiation techs to get the aim right. I was hoping it'd be a 'tramp stamp' but you can't have everything.

My New Hairdo!

I love my hair again! I've spent the last year or so not really loving my hair which is hard for me to admit because I'm very hair vain. Historically I've loved my hair most when it was cut in a bob and (probably not coincidentally) it's also the style I get the most compliments on. My Honey and my hair stylist both prefer my hair longer so I have been giving it the old college try, but no matter how great the hair cut I just couldn't really embrace longer hair. I hate the feel of it on the back of my neck, I hate how hot is seems and how it's always getting in the way. And don't start with the "Why don't you just put it up?" If I wanted my hair up I'd have it short. Not to mention I feel like I look terrible with my hair back in a ponytail.

The final nail in the coffin of my long hair came last Sunday when Kiki said to me from across the room, "I miss your bob." That was all the validity I needed. So last night I instructed my loyal and long-suffering hair stylist to "take it all off" which he did and it looks and feels fantastic! I think it might be the best bob I've ever had. It's an angled bob (longer in the front, shorter in the back) with a subtle stacked back that I can add major volume to if I want a more Vamp-y look. The front comes just below the chin and the back is just above collar height. The reason I'm going into such great detail with the description is because you're not likely to see a picture of it posted to this blog any time soon. And did I mention I'm vain about my hair?


It was Randy's birthday on Thursday and tonight's the big celebration. Don't know exactly when it's all starting but I know the festivities will include dinner and drinks at a local pub, probably hangin' and prezzies at Katie's and then dancing our figurative asses off at our preferred dance club. Katie and I got the best gift ever for him--he better like it or we'll kick his ungrateful, skinny little 'O'Nasty' ass! Actually, Kiki's gift was better--she got him Rock Star for his XBox360. Their neighbours are gonna hate us...


Mindy said...

That's a marathon post!

Before you said it.. I was thinking.. post a damn picture woman! But I guess that doesn't fit with the whole anonimity thing, eh? Well.. I know who you are.. and where you live... and I'll just wait to see that new hair on the 18th!

And hugs for the update on your mom...

Katie said...

1) i think the BEST present is that we both have fantastic new hair that he can fondle until his heart's content

2) i prefer to dance my *real* ass off than any figurative ass.

3) we are going to guy's after the pub because my apartment looks like someone has been throwing paper/books/gatorade bottles/cat toys/coffee cups and other miscellaneous things around willy nilly for 2 weeks while trying desperately to write a thesis proposal and keep up with eleventy billion other MA-related tasks. oh wait. that IS what happened.

psychsarah said...

I too cannot wait to see the new do-you're inspiring me to finally make an appt with a stylist myself. Perhaps by the time we get together, I'll too have a new do.

Glad you're mom is doing better with the patch vs pump. Pain management is such a tricky wicket sometimes. Hope the radiation goes well.

I'm laughing at #3 of Katie's comment. It takes me right back to grad school days. I don't know you Katie, but if you're reading this, thesis misery does come to an end, and shortly thereafter, you develop amnesia about how miserable it was. I think it's like childbirth that way (although I can't speak from experience on that one.)

Katie said...

haha..thank you for your encouragement.
funny, my thesis is on childbirth experiences, so the analogy is very fitting.
i just keep telling myself that last year at this time i was getting through my undergrad thesis misery and that this is JUST the proposal stage of this beast.
baby's not even crowning just yet.