Friday, May 1, 2009

Greeting from Rainy Cold Shitty California

Got here okay, reasonably pleasant flight with the smoothest, softest landing in the history of aviation. I didn't even realize we were on the ground until we started to slow down! Anyway, My Honey is sick (no, it's not the Swine Flu) so we're gonna stick close to home for now, but I'm hoping to get to the California Academy of Sciences at some point while I'm here.

Had to bring a whole crap load of clothes with me because the weather is supposed to be all over the frickin' place with rain more often than sun. Regardless it's just nice to be here with My Honey--we hadn't seen each other since my karaoke awesomeness in February!

Cross your fingers that we see the sun at some point over the next 5 days and that I get to wear the capri pants I brought with me at least once. I shaved my legs in preparation and everything and I really don't want to waste that.


Katie said...

i can think of at least one other reason that it's good you shaved you legs...and it has nothing to do with the weather ;)

*waves* hi dan-er-kendall's honey!

psychsarah said...

Glad your flight was good, hope your honey feels better soon (say hi and get well from Sean and I please!), and hope that you get to take advantage of the shaved legs one way or another ;) ;)