Sunday, September 19, 2010

Guy and Kendall's California Adventure Part I

After a long but uneventful flight, Guy and I arrived at SFO at about 10:45pm Pacific time, were met by my Honey and (after a very long lineup) retrieved our rental car.  We made our way into San Francisco and went to a club called DNA where we saw the DNA Lounge where we caught the last half of the Hubba Hubba Review, a burlesque show that runs there once a month.  The show was pretty good--we all agreed our favourite act was the fan dancing routine by the Twilight Vixen Review.  It was a long night (we didn't get back home until 3am) and I could barely keep my eyes open long enough to drive home. 

Today we had a fun-filled day in San Francisco, visiting Fisherman's Wharf and the Mission.  We obviously had to see the famous sea lions at Pier 39 and although we didn't get a chance to ride a cable car we did catch a glimpse of a few of them.  We also did a little shopping at the Sketchers store on Mission and the Rasputin music store on Powell. 

You may not know this, but finding parking in San Fran can be challenging.  I was able to find good parking pretty much everywhere we went and this was just about the best part of the whole day for me.  We ended the day by hooking up with friends and grabbing dinner at Bossa Nova, a great little Brazilian tapas restaurant on 8th St.  We just got back and we're all exhausted.  No rest for the weary, though--tomorrow we're off to Santa Cruz for a wine tour!


psychsarah said...

Sounds like a great adventure so far. Can't wait to hear of the next installment. Show the Sunshine State how to party!

Shara said...

Sounds awesome! Keep the travel stories coming :)