Thursday, September 23, 2010

Guy and Kendall's California Adventure Part IV

Our last full day in Cali was spent shopping and eating.  After a late start (cut me some slack--I'm on vacation!) Guy and I had a delicious breakfast at Esther's German Bakery with Jess and then we did a little shoe shopping at DS.  Then we went next door to Rasputin which is a used book and music store where I picked up a few things (ahem).  After that we picked up My Honey and we met his Google friend (who is Jess's beau) and we all had a fabulous lunch at Google's expense.  Guy and I fell in love with a fig and Gorgonzola salad and I had some awesome lamb!  We finished it all off with an It's It ice cream sandwich (first time for Guy and Jess).  They make a special version exclusively for Google that is sweetened with cane sugar instead of high fructose corn syrup.

Then Guy and I dropped My Honey off at work, Jess off at home and then continued our shopping adventure.  First we hit Target for some essentials (my mascara is half the price there that it is at home) and I picked up a couple of pairs of fall work pants and a birthday gift for my niece.  Then we went downtown and walked Castro street, visiting Therapy and a few book stores where I got a gift for the sucker co-worker who's looking after my cases while I'm away and a "Thank You" gift for Jess for letting us use her car.  Then we went to Trader Joe's where Guy got some Two Buck Chuck and I got some coffee.  After that we dropped by Kohl's where Guy found some pants and I got a shirt for me and a shirt for My Honey.  By that time said Honey was done work so we picked him up and headed home to pack, drink wine and eat pizza.

And so now I'm home, getting ready to head off to work.  It's always hard for me to come home from Cali but Guy's experiencing withdrawal for the first time today.  It's gonna be difficult for him to go back to paying LCBO prices for wine and Zehr's prices for cheese, not to mention no Rasputin!  Poor Guy...he just might have to move there.


Sue said...

I think your trip sounds awesome!! Hope you don't mind me following along!!

Katie said...'s...taking....over



kendall said...

Of course not, Sue--the more the merrier :) I'll be posting some pics over at my photblog soon...

psychsarah said...

Sounds like an awesome time-you might have to start a tour company to Cali...I could be your first customer :)