Thursday, October 7, 2010

F**k My Life

So, I came down with a nasty cold a week ago and it's still lingering and absolutely refuses to depart.  Now I'm at the coughing-up-my-pancreas stage and it's rather painful and fully annoying.  I've decimated the better part of 4 boxes of "Puffs Plus with lotion" and I've single-handedly ensured stock holders in whatever company makes "Halls" get a nice dividend this year.  Not to mention passing the virus on to countless hapless individuals with whom I've come into contact over the last several days.  You're welcome.

And the cherry on top of the sundae?  The clutch went on the car today.

I've always suspected the clutch was on its last legs but I've had more than one mechanic assure me it looked fine.  Clearly that was not the case.  As I type this, my car is sitting in the parking lot at my place of work, unable to budge without assistance from what will assuredly be a very expensive tow truck.  A tow truck I'm going to have to call tomorrow morning to come pick it up and take it to a mechanic who will hold it ransom until I pay up.  And pay I will.  Dearly.

Anyone want to buy a kidney?


Mindy said...

I'll take a pancreas... since you're coughing them up anyways.

$5 bucks.

I'm cheap.

Feel better soon.

Sushi makes colds go away.. but only if you're not contagious anymore.

Sue said...

Oy! That sucks...hope you start feeling better quickly!!

I'd charge Mindy at least $10 for the pancreas...

Linda said...

Hey! I wanted the pancreas! Mine's broken.

Feel better soon, lady.

kendall said...

Linda wins the pancreas.

How come no one wants my liver?

Oh yeah, right. Never mind.

Guy Hosenpeter said...

I'll take your liver! If we added ours together we might just have one fully functional organ!

Linda said...