Friday, April 27, 2012

And Now, Fes

We have been seriously busy since my last post! Our last morning in Marrakech took us to the photography museum which was amazing--pictures from 1880 to 1940 were on display. It was fascinating to me how little had changed in some of the pictures of the square and the souks.

Next we saw a former Koranic school called Ben Youssef which was in quite good condition. We found a little room tucked into a corner at the end of a hall in the students' quarters that had really cool graffiti all over the ceiling.

Afternoon was spent on a 7 hour train ride to Meknes where we stayed in a hotel not far from the train station. Yesterday we took a grand taxi to some Roman ruins called Volubilis about an hour's drive from Meknes and then after lunch took a stroll through nearby Moulay Idris where a local guided us to see the only round minaret in Morocco and also to a beautiful spot with a panoramic view of the city below. It was a strenuous climb! My knees still hurt!

A short train ride to Fes found us in conversion with a gentleman named Omar who works as a guide at Volubilis. He advised us to get a government guide in Fes if we wanted a good historical tour of the old city. Once in Fes, we grabbed a petit taxi from the train station into the Medina and easily hooked up with our guide from the riad.

Our riad here is hard to describe so I've  included pictures. It's mainly targeted at a younger crowd (it has hostel rooms with bunkbeds) and has a very funky vibe. My Honey and I will spend 2 nights here before heading back to Casablanca and then home.

Today, a guided tour of Fes!

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