Wednesday, July 16, 2008

I'm So Handy!

I've been having trouble sleeping in lately, ever since the blackout blind in my bedroom got tired of "hanging in there" and came crashing down in a heap of plaster dust and cracked, yellowed plastic. Did I mention my bedroom faces east?

So today I went to my friendly neighbourhood Canadian Tire and purchased a Debbie Travis roman blind in candy apple red. I had purchased one some time ago to go in my Honey's office, but since then that sneaky Debbie has changed her product! Not only is it now more expensive, it also has these fancy wall brackets you have to screw in and then you gotta snap the cross piece onto the brackets--it's quite the production! The old one just had some little hooks you screw into your window frame and then it was just a matter of hooking the blind on. Piece of cake--no drills, no screw drivers, no measuring. On the plus side, the new blind can be taken down (it's velcroed onto the cross piece) to be laundered, and it completely blocks out all light (no more waking up at 5:45am).

I took down my curtains, which were now in the way, and put up the new blind all by myself without damaging anything! Including me! And it's straight! And red! Boy, is it red.

And yes Guy, I did say "screw" a lot in this post.

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