Monday, July 21, 2008

Sorry Baby, I'm Taken

I met a boy at a party on Saturday. He was clearly interested--he couldn't take his eyes off me. Even in the arms of another woman, his gaze never wavered. When the party was over, it was obvious he wanted me to take him home.

Unfortunately, his carseat was already in someone else's car.

Sorry Declan. Call me in twenty years.


psychsarah said...

good thing Dana's not the jealous type!

Holly said...

How did you manage to resist??? Those dimples! That Irish charm!

Oh well... He might give others the come-hither, but he always leaves with me. ;)

Katie said...

auntie katie's a little jealous!
haha..little charmer.
you can learn more about dec's daily happenings and clandestine relationships here:

4 1/2 months and already a blogger..sheesh!

Mindy said...

SO adorable... you need to have babies.