Monday, November 24, 2008

Guy Hosenpeter's Birthday Extravaganza!

On Saturday the gang and I helped Guy celebrate his "29th" birthday in style. During the day we visited several wineries including Angel's Gate, Chateau Des Charmes and Coyote's Run. Much wine was both tasted and purchased and by the time we were heading home we were ready for the greatly anticipated dinner that Guy was planning to make us all that night. Yes, you heard right: Guy made his own birthday dinner and let me tell you, what a dinner it was!

He made an absolutely fabulous meatloaf that was so moist and tasty it really shouldn't have been called meatloaf. This was accompanied by a sweet potato side dish that we all loved. Even Randy who hates sweet potato agreed it was tolerable. Guy also made us roasted green beans, bell peppers and onions and glazed carrots. It was a feast I tell you! Kiki offered to make dessert and she brought "Sex in a Pan" which really should have been called "Group Sex in a Pan" because she just put it in the middle of the table and we all dug into it.

After dinner came the wine (or in Kiki's case, rum) women and song part of the evening's festivities. We played dance music at top volume and got ourselves into the mood for going out to our regular Saturday night dancing destination where we danced the remainder of the evening (and part of early next morning) away.

All in all a successful birthday of which Guy should be extremely proud!

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