Friday, November 28, 2008

Sit On My Face and Tell Me That You Love Me!

Holy crap.

I have a confession to make. A small part of me doubted that this CPAP machine would really make that much difference. A large part of me desperately hoped it would, but there's always that small nagging voice of doubt that's there no matter how hard you try to stifle it.

Well, it has shut up now.

I had the best sleep last night in beyond recent memory. I woke up feeling completely refreshed, not at all groggy or tired. I've been in a fabulous mood all day and my energy level hasn't flagged yet! All my hopes and desires have been fulfilled by Gonzo.

Sorry Honey, but there's gonna be someone else in bed with us tonight.

1 comment:

psychsarah said...

Glad to hear the CPAP is working so well. Life is so much better with good sleep! Hopefully your other bedmate won't be toooo jealous of Gonzo :)