Saturday, February 7, 2009

I Told You I Don't Have a Green Thumb

My "blog flower" is looking a little rough so I guess I should be a good little blogger and post.

I'm feeling quite a bit better today, but I'm still living with chest congestion and a barking cough. I'm glad I'm not singing tonight--it would be less than my best effort for sure--but I am planning on going out to cheer on my co-worker Krystal who's competing tonight. I'm not sure exactly what she's singing but it's sure to be something country. I'm trying to convince Guy to come along with me, but apparently he's finally given into rampant consumerism and he's having cable and high-speed internet installed in his abode today. He thinks the lure of all that access to pop culture might be too much for him to overcome. I'll try plying him with the promise of beer at my expense, but it might not be enough.

I've learned that I have to sing 2 songs, not just one, so my choice of second song has had me thinking this week. I've settled on "Shadows in the Moonlight" by my beloved Anne Murray. I'm hoping some Canadian content will sway the judging in my favour--whatever helps--but mostly I picked it because Anne and I have the same range (low and limited) and it's one of her more up-tempo songs which should play to the crowd well. Whatever. I don't even know anymore, I just want to get it over with. This is too much pressure!

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