Monday, February 2, 2009

Apparently We Aren't Done

I'm at work but I've had to go off the phones 'cause my voice decided the day was over. I'm hoping I can woo it back with hot lemon tea and Halls so I can get back on but we'll just have to least this is giving me an opportunity to call all the people back I was supposed to call last week but couldn't 'cause I was comatose on my couch.

I'm getting very depressed--I haven't been this sick for this long pretty much ever. Even chocolate didn't make me feel better. I'm definitely not out of the woods yet--my fever has decided to return and I'm getting these weird tingly feelings (kinda like when you get a "someone-walked-over-my-grave" shiver) in my butt and outer thighs. Very strange and probably completely unrelated to my current situation but off-putting nonetheless.

Is it wrong that I'm fantasizing about putting on a flannel nightgown and crawling into bed?

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