Thursday, January 29, 2009

We're Done Here

I'm getting really tired of being sick. Really. I can count the number of days this month I've felt well without taking my fuzzy bunny slippers off. I lie, they're not bunnies. But that's beside the point--the point is I'm sick and it's got to stop. Now. Capice? Enough with the crud in my lungs for the love of Pete! My nose is raw from the 3 trees worth of tissues I've used since Sunday and they're the ones with the fucking lotion! I'd have no nose if I weren't so picky about my tissue! It would just be a stubby, tender lump of hamburger.

And while I'm at it, where's the love? I dangle the promise of a free gift and still only two people comment on my anniversary post? In the immortal words of Kiki, "C'maaaaaaahn!!!" (This is her usual tactic when trying to get me to stay out past midnight at the club--is it working? Yeah, it doesn't work on me either.)

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