Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Break on Through to the Other Side

I made it through a full day at work (barely) and I'm about to attempt another one. I do feel a whole lot better today, although last night I was convinced I was coming down the the same diabolical cold that has claimed Katie, Kiki, Randy and Guy (and possibly my Honey) as it's victims. This morning though, I am clear as a 40 below winter morning in Sudbury so I'm keeping my fingers crossed I dodged that bullet. As long as my throat doesn't get sore I'm probably okay...

If any good comes of this debacle it might be that my appetite is extremely diminished. If it stays that way I might be able to keep the 12 pounds off that I lost as a result of what I'm calling "The Big Purge." I have kinda been using going to the gym as an excuse to allow myself to eat pretty much whatever I want, so if I can stay the course of moderation (well, in regard to food anyway) I might actually see some of the benefits going to the gym affords. Also I have a lot of great clothes I love that I can't seem to squeeze into right now, so getting back into them would be awesome.

Sometimes I think I allow myself to gain weight so I have an excuse to go shopping for new clothes, but eventually this backfires when you have gotten so large that your only option is "Otto the Tent Maker" or going naked. I need to look at losing weight as a opportunity to go "shopping" in my own closet. Or to actually go shopping. Who am I kidding?

1 comment:

Katie said...

i didn't get the cold, just the flu.
but now that that's over with, i'm healthy as a horse over here (knock on wood)