Saturday, January 10, 2009

Save the Date! **Corrected and Updated**

I got word that the karaoke semi-finals (aka: my big moment in the spotlight) are set to start on Saturday January 31st at Flanagan's Pub (formerly known as Kopper's).

Many of you have offered your support, so here's your chance! I won't hate you if you don't come to cheer me on, however I will likely bring it up at every opportunity, so stay away at your peril!

Ha ha! Just kidding!

Actually no, I'm serious--you'll never live it down--so come out and suffer I mean enjoy hearing me shoot for "Flanagan's Idol!"


It has been brought to my attention that a good chunk of my fan base will be unable to attend as it is Katie's birthday that night and she adamantly refuses to celebrate by making it all about me. Go figure. So that leaves the rest of you who don't know Katie (and will therefore not be standing me up to attend her birthday festivities) to take up the slack.

P.S. Sorry Katie, I can't turn down my (probably only) shot at stardom. I promise I'll get you a totally awesome birthday gift from Cali to make up for not being with you on your special day.

P.P.S Thanks Mindy for pointing out that I'm still in denial about what month we're in.

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Mindy said...

You mean January 31st? December 31st is a really long time to wait... or you missed it.. which might mean you have Korsekoff's...