Friday, January 23, 2009

There's a Song in my Heart

I've settled on the song I will sing in the "Flannagan's Idol" karaoke fiasco I mean competition: "Fever" made famous by the incomparable Peggy Lee. Since I can't really sing but I exude sexiness (work with me people) I figure this is a sure bet--the same repetitive 6 notes sung with a slight growl and a low cut shirt. I can't lose!

Credit for this selection goes to Mindy and my Mom--Mom suggested it way back when I first told her about being chosen and then Mindy suggested it last night when we went out to Flannagan's to check out the song lists. Lucky for me (and you, my adoring public) it's on the list!

It's perfect--everyone's heard it but I doubt anyone would think to sing it, so there won't be the risk of comparing my mangled version to someone else's masterful version. Well, except for the original. But other than that, no comparisons!

I tell ya, I got this thing in the bag!

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