Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Home Again, Home Again

I made it back safe and sound! No emergency river landings or anything like that, just US Airways running out of food on my flight back yesterday. No worries--I brought my own lunch.

This trip was nice and relaxing--lots of time spent with My Honey watching my new favourite UK import and playing Rock Band (for the purposes of practicing my karaoke skills, of course!) I did some shopping at a Japanese dollar store for Katie's birthday and I scored some cute tops at Ross and new bras and underwear at Tar-jay. We did hit one new restaurant in Mountain View called uWink--the perfect blend of food and games--but the highlight of my trip was visiting The Milk Pail. I picked up these fantabulous scones and some apricot Stilton which I will be sharing with the peeps at Sunday night dinner this weekend. Also worth mentioning is the two trips we made to a booze warehouse aka: Utopia. Why haven't I moved to California yet?

My Honey also introduced me to the best icecream sandwiches I've ever had and on my last night in town a friend of his made us duck a l'orange, asparagus with Hollandaise and mashed potatoes after softening us up with Mojitos which are now officially my favourite rum-based alcoholic beverage.

As I might have implyed in my last post, the weather was splendid--highs in the low 20s everyday and not a cloud to be seen. It was kinda odd though to see leafless maple and oak trees standing shoulder-to-shoulder with big, bushy palm trees. I even saw a lemon tree laden with nearly-ripe fruit! I have to say I never expected to experience the smell of freshly-cut grass in January. Very strange indeed.

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